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Footgolf can be Played on Monday – Sunday All Day
(Tee Time Must Be Booked before arrival by calling 01292 570727)

Every Monday to Friday 10.00 – 6.30pm
Every Saturday 9.30 – 4.00pm
Every Sunday 9.30 – 4.00pm

Adult Round £10.00
Junior Round under 15’s £7.00
Ball Hire £2.00

Footgolf Team Competitions
Please look at Events notice board sheet on homepage for more info

Footgolf Parties are available for Adults & Kids, please contact Barry for more information
Kids Football Teams / Kids Footgolf Parties (Minimum of 8 Kids)
1 Round of Footgolf + Ball Hire + Hot/Cold Buffet + Drink. Under 12’s £13.95

Company Works Day Out / Adult Footgolf Parties.(Minimum of 8 people).
1 Round of Footgolf + Ball Hire + Selected Hot Meal + Hot or Cold Drink £16.95 per head.

Bookings can be made @

Please Phone Barry on 01292 570727 for more Information.

What is footgolf?

Footgolf is a precision sport in which players kick a regulation-sized football into an oversized golf cup. It’s the perfect blend of football and golf. So, yes, precisely what you thought it was.

What are the rules of footgolf?

In many respects, if you know the rules of golf, you already know the rules of footgolf. For instance, the footgolfer who completes the footgolf course in the fewest number of strokes (kicks) is declared the winner.

As in golf, the number of strokes a competent footgolfer should take to complete a hole is deemed the ‘par’. Seasoned footgolfers should therefore be aiming for as many ‘birdies’, ‘eagles’, and ‘albatrosses’ as possible.


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